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Pia Throw Blanket - 100% Turkish Cotton

Pia Throw Blanket - 100% Turkish Cotton

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Embrace Timeless Comfort: The Pia Cotton Throw Blanket

Handcrafted for Generations: Woven in small batches by a family-run mill, the Pia throw blanket embodies timeless design. Its classic windowpane pattern and soft cream color create a versatile piece that complements any décor, season after season.

Unparalleled Comfort: Made from luxurious Turkish cotton, the Pia offers an incredibly soft and plush feel. It's breathable yet well-built, making it ideal for snuggling on the couch, draping over your bed, or enjoying an XXL beach experience with the whole family.

Subtle Elegance: Look closely and you'll discover the beautiful diamond weave beneath the windowpane pattern, a testament to the blanket's artisanal craftsmanship. All four sides boast hand-knotted tassels, adding a touch of unique charm.

Uncompromising Quality: The Pia launders beautifully with no pilling, ensuring long-lasting quality. Made from single-material Turkish cotton, this blanket's simplicity grants its longevity.

Details and Care

  • Size: 150x200 cm
  • Weight: 900 g
  • Fiber: 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Colour: Cream and Black
  • Origin: Turkiye

Embrace the Uniqueness: As each Pia throw is handcrafted, you may find slight variations in size, weight, and the presence of tiny knots or wrinkles. These natural imperfections are a celebration of the hand-woven tradition, making your blanket truly one-of-a-kind.

Wash before first use. During the initial drying cycles, expect some shedding, but this will decrease over time, leaving you with a soft and smooth blanket. You may choose to wash them separately during the shedding period. For detailed care instructions, please refer to page: Product care

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AIERIA's cotton blankets are made from locally sourced cotton in a small, artisan-owned weaving mill situated in the beautiful Aegean countryside. We keep things simple by using just one type of material, making our blankets really strong and durable. This simplicity also means they're easy to take care of - just follow our instructions for lasting quality.

AIERIA blankets offer sustainable comfort that you can enjoy for years to come.

Mix and Match

For a truly pampering gift, combine AIERIA's cozy cotton blankets with our absorbent hammam towels and soft hand towels.

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