About Us

AIERIA is a small-batch textile brand, founded by Özlem, a Luxembourger of Turkish origin. The foundation of AIERIA lays on the idea for supporting the traditional weaving techniques in her homeland, while also offering heirloom quality textiles to a like-minded community that values fair production practices.

AIERIA collaborates exclusively with artisanal weaving mills, small family enterprises that have passed down their craft through generations. Each product is skillfully woven with the care, utilizing the finest grade of long-staple Turkish cotton, ensuring optimal absorbency and a luxuriously plush texture. Each product is slow-made in small batches on traditional looms.

The term "aieria" is a paronym, derived from the ancient city of Airai in East Aegean coast, Özlem's hometown in Turkey, renowned for its refreshing breeze. Etymologically, "Airai" is believed to share its root with "air" [ᾱ̓ήρ], an Indo-European association with wind, brightness, and the sky. Reflecting this heritage, the aieria logo incorporates the alchemical symbol for air, an upward-pointing triangle intersected by a horizontal line: 🜁 - symbolizing a harmonious connection with the elemental essence of air.